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    Exterior House Painting

    You keep putting off repainting and you’re forever blaming it on Melbourne’s weather, call us, professional painters in Hampton, Port Melbourne.

    We know how to apply paints which are durable, with a perfect blend of Colours to match your needs and most importantly we are cost effective. The only name you can trust for house painter Port Melbourne is Selective Painting Services.

    There’s no need to worry about ladders and buy expensive paint brushes you’ll only use once, and you don’t have to bend your back and Catch a cold. We are here to provide you, the best painters services Port Melbourne.

    We’re here to make your painting life easier and our paint brushing hands stretches to every corner which is tricky we make painting job a pleasant experience while interacting with you.

    We are covered for injury and property damage so we also give you peace of mind while working on your property.

    Don’t risk your own back or get sore arms from continual stretching and painting, sit back without worrying about your painting duties or workmanship and watch the transformation of you house to elegant and a beautiful sight.

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